Retired Bitty Baby items for sale

I won’t often post something like this… but as it happens, in addition to sewing my own clothes I also have a decent sized collection of American Girl brand items, particularly those from the 1990s. I’ve decided to downsize a bit and see if I can sell some of my Bitty Baby items.

I bought all of these from Pleasant Company when I was probably between eight and eleven years old (1998-2001). They have been gently played with, and almost all of the items in the sets are here and accounted for. Everything comes from a smoke- and pet-free home. Email with your zip code for shipping quotes.

Bitty Baby Easter Set, circa 1997
Includes dress, bonnet, shoes, only ONE sock (sorry), chick in a basket, bunny ears and bow for Bitty Bear, and watercolor book “Bitty Bear Colors Eggs” with only three of the pages painted.

Bitty Baby Circus Set, circa 1999
Includes dress, bloomers, only ONE shoe (sorry again!), headband, headband for Bitty Bear, and book “Bitty Bear’s Big Top Fun” with all the pop-ups still in great condition. NOTE: originally there was also a balloon in the set for Bitty Bear, but I don’t have that any more.

Bitty Baby Poinsettia Dress, circa 2001
Includes dress, hat, tights (there is a run down the inside of the right thigh), shoes, bell, hat for Bitty Bear, and book “Bitty Bear’s Christmas Tree.”

SOLD Bitty Baby’s Red Wagon, circa 1995
Great condition! Barely played with.

SOLD Bitty Baby’s Carrier, circa 1995
The prize of my collection. In great condition. I remember wearing this, with Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear inside, to a children’s concert when I was about eight.

Bitty Baby Diaper
I don’t know why I have an extra one. White flannel diaper with velcro. Doesn’t look brand new anymore, but still very soft and sturdy.

Bitty Bear
This was my sister’s and has “CJ” written in sharpie on the tag. She said it was either sell or hand-me-down… I knew I could find Bitty a better home than the family she had in mind. 😉


Merry Christmas and a Free Santa Hat!

That title may not be as catchy as “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” but is is an accurate statement of what’s going on with Neufeld Touch these days. From now through December 24, when you make an order of $20.00 or over, you’ll get a beautiful fleece Santa hat FREE!

Can I just say four things before I close:

1) Jo-Ann’s Black Friday deals are so worth the hour and a half cutting line.

2) Thank you to my friends at AG Playthings for helping me find this fantastic pattern!

3) I spent much of this evening playing around with Picnik and Animoto to “Christmas up” some of my favorite outfit pictures. Please enjoy the result below.


When Inspiration Strikes

I know, I know, I really should have been making more Rapunzel dresses and Homeschool Girl tees, and finishing the pair of jeans that I started, and moving forward with my super-secret-amazing-project-of-awesomeness… but last night I wanted to sew something NEW. With a fabric and a pattern that I had never used before. Just because. 🙂

So I did. I found a fun brightly patterned remnant in my box that I had I bought at Jo-Ann’s probably over a year ago for half off, dug through my pattern box, and found an apron pattern I had never tried but really liked.

The result:

And yes, Kailey’s still wearing her Anchors Away outfit. I told you she’d never want to take it off.

Thus far, this was just a fun little experiment, but what do you think? Shall I put it up on Etsy?

Anchors Away

It’s hard to say what exactly it started with. Maybe it was the XXXL soft striped shirt on clearance at Kohl’s. Maybe it was the scooter pattern from Liberty Jane. Or maybe it was this beautiful picture:

However it happened, today I am very proud to announce another addition to our contemporary fashion line: Anchors Away! It goes a little something like this…

Kailey was pretty excited to get to model this for our shoot. Kailey’s my fashionista of my girls; she tries on everything, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get her out of this outfit anytime soon.

And, for the first time since our bonnets for girls (currently available only at craft fairs or by special request), we have a beautiful accessory that you can wear to match your doll! (Click on the picture to go to the Etsy listing. Or you can just click on the blue words.)

Modeled by my beautiful sister Sarah. ❤ Doesn’t she have a lovely neck?

One further item of note: This is the first time I’ve posted stylistically edited pictures on an Etsy listing. Thank God for Picnik. I absolutely fell in love with the 1960s effect, and decided to play with it a little bit.

Yeah, and I kind of love that font too.

Colorblock Dress Inspired by Forever 21

What do you think of this dress from Forever 21?

I basically love it. Think a doll-sized version would make a good addition to our etsy store?

So did I. And how about some different colors, too? Yeah, baby! 😀

Click on the pictures to visit the etsy listings! Enjoy!

These were made with the beautiful Colorblock Dress pattern from Liberty Jane. Such a cute, versatile design!